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Soy un aspirante a analista deportivo, preferiblemente de la NBA y siempre he tenido un amor por los deportes y creé este podcast para ayudarme a alcanzar mis metas. Creo que este sitio web me ayudará a pasar al siguiente nivel.


DJ's Wall OF Fame


Rich Paul (CEO of Klutch Sports and LeBron James's Agent)

Takeo Spikes.jpeg

Takeo Spikes (Former All-Pro NFL Linebacker)

Adam Silver.jpeg

Adam Silver (NBA Commissioner)

Steve Wyche (NFL Network)

Chris Broussard.jpeg

Chris Broussard (Fox Sports Analyst for First Things First, Co-Host of the Odd Couple, and former ESPN Reporter)

Whitney Meyers.jpeg

Whitney Meyers (Head of Community Relations for Jacksonville Jaguars)


Tru Pettigrew (Head of Diversity & Inclusion of Minnesota Timberwolves & Minnesota Lynx

Visual Interviews


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