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Soy un aspirante a analista deportivo, preferiblemente de la NBA y siempre he tenido un amor por los deportes y creé este podcast para ayudarme a alcanzar mis metas. Creo que este sitio web me ayudará a pasar al siguiente nivel.


DJ's Wall OF Fame


Rich Paul (CEO of Klutch Sports and LeBron James's Agent)

Adam Silver.jpeg

Adam Silver (NBA Commissioner)

Takeo Spikes.jpeg

Takeo Spikes (Former All-Pro NFL Linebacker)


Tru Pettigrew (Head of Diversity & Inclusion of Minnesota Timberwolves & Minnesota Lynx)

Steve Wyche (NFL Network)


Rob Parker (Fox Sports Radio Co-Host of The Odd Couple, Former ESPN First Take Anchor, MLB Hall OF Fame Voter, Hall Of Fame Sports Journalist)


Maria Taylor (NBC NFL Reporter, Former NBA Countdown Host, SEC Network College Football Reporter)


Ethan Medley (New York Giants Director of Community Relations & Youth Football)


Tre Hawkins (New York Giants Cornerback)


Jordon Riley (New York Giants Defensive Tackle)

Chris Broussard.jpeg

Chris Broussard (Fox Sports Analyst for First Things First, Co-Host of the Odd Couple, and former ESPN Reporter)

Whitney Meyers.jpeg

Whitney Meyers (Head of Community Relations for Jacksonville Jaguars)


Mike Taylor (NBA Leader of Basketball Operations & Team Marketing)


Leonard Williams (Seattle Seahawks Defensive End)


Chauncey Deion Sanders (Seattle Seahawks Broadcaster)

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